Satva Automotive (Pvt) Ltd.


To be the largest Sri Lankan company that contributes to a carbon-free, green, organic country by providing sustainable transportation to every sri lankan citizen


To be the courageous Sri Lankan company to change the way we commute by providing innovative, high-tech, safe and affordable sustainable transportation


Satva Automotive (Pvt) Ltd. is a sustainable transportation solution provider in Sri Lanka, funded by WindForce PLC as the main stakeholder. Satva is the exclusive sole distributor of Vmoto SOCO, an Australian EV 2-wheeler brand, In sustainable transportation sectors such as 3-wheelers,busses,motor cars and trucks to provide green transportation to all Sri Lankans.


WindForce PLC is a leading renewable energy development company in Sri Lanka and has been a dominant player in Sri Lanka’s wind power industry since its first project in 2010

WindForce has years of experience in working with advanced technologies while adapting to a range of diverse geographical conditions, and a team with a wealth of knowledge on feasibility studies, engineering management, procurement, construction and maintenance of power plants to be able to design, develop and maintain viable, sustainable and eco-friendly power plants on par with international standards to meet the growing demand for clean, green energy.